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CADENCE+ promotes fresh and wholesome even when you're on the go! 

We're proud to support local products while fostering a climate of innovation. By introducing Pittsburgh to new technology that includes a cashier-less checkout, customers can simply shop and go adding convenience for families. Customers can utilize our unique branded app or insert a credit card at the entrance door. After shopping, they can simply walk out, with no checkout or lines. One of CADENCE+ core values is innovation, and our markets exemplify this vision.

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We are excited to introduce the Pittsburgh market to the first ultra-convenience store, FUEL+ GEAR. The automated market is a cross between a convenience store and a vending machine, allowing users to make a purchase without check-out, using just their phone or credit card to enter.  The market uses high-tech cameras to know which items were purchased.


Products available in the FUEL+ GEAR market include traditional vending items, team wear and sports gear, nutrition bars, and more!

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Fuel + Gear
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Our market offers what is healthy and local from bourbon maple syrup to specialty chips along with great tech to make the perfect espresso at home.  Whether you find a quick snack for the road or a bag of our outstanding espresso, you will be extending our mission to provide healthy choices and moments beyond the CLUBHOUSE Cafe and Taproom. Browse online or come into our store at North Park. 

Local Market at Clubhouse
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